Company profile

Company profile

The company IGLASS came into existence in the year 1993 as a limited company. Its main line of business is constuction work and the production of insulating glass. For a long time it has ranked among the stable and dependable partners in the area of capital construction. It construction works are realized mainly within Slovakia, and the results achieved, professionality and use of new technologies position it among the building companies able to meet the most demanding requirements of the construction market.

The construction work itself is intended for the building and reconstruction of residential flats, public, industrial and engineering construction, and during its comprehensive realization it figures as the general supplier of construction.

Production of insulating and special glass, through constant modernization of production technology, has maintained top quality, the proof of which is the annual increase in production and the satisfaction of an ever-widening client base. In this sense the company is rated among the leading producers in Slovakia.




IGLASS spol. s r. o.
Michalská 63/37,
053 21 Markušovce